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📷Ground Level Bird Photography
at Bolivar Flats Field Trip #4

April 24 @ 6:00 am - 10:00 am
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Bolivar Flats on the Bolivar Peninsula offers unique bird photography opportunities with its shallow water and exposed sand bars. Tim will take a small group of photographers out to Bolivar Flats to demonstrate the techniques he routinely uses to capture images of shorebirds down low at their own eye level. Participants will use a ground pod while lying down on the sand bars to get low level shorebird photos. Prepare to get down and dirty and take some great eye-level bird photos.

A ground pod will be needed to allow for lying on the beach from a prone position. A Skimmer ground pod is recommended. Also recommended is a SLR camera with a 300mm lens or greater, with lens foot capable of being attached to a ball head or gimbal mount on the ground pod. Bring a teleconverter if you have one.  A lens raincoat is highly recommended to help keep the sand and salt water off of your camera and lens as you will drip on your gear when getting up. Tim uses a LensCoat raincoat.

Note: Participants will get wet and dirty, so proper clothing is required. Waders are recommended. Waterproof boots or shoes are needed to walk from sand bar to sand bar through the water to get to a good shooting location. Other equipment to bring includes beach towels for clean-up and a garbage bag for your sand covered waders/towels and anything else you might need for your comfort.

All participants will be driving themselves to Bolivar. We will take the 6:00 am Bolivar Ferry and meet at the Bolivar side in the parking area near the restrooms. Tim will then have the group follow him in their vehicles to the “flats”.

This trip can be paired nicely with Tim’s Ground Level Workshop on Thursday or Friday.

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Date: April 24
Time: 6:00 am - 10:00 am
Cost: $80
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Leader Name: Tim Timmis


Skill Level Intermediate, Advanced
Activity Level Moderate
Transportation Meet at Site