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iNaturalist Workshop & Field Trip
with Glenn Olsen

April 16 @ 7:30 am - 11:30 am
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iNaturalist is a social network of thousands of individuals that share an interest in all things related to nature and the outdoors. This powerful community is accessed via an application from your phone or via a computer and the internet. If you are just beginning, iNaturalist can provide an invaluable tool for you to learn about and share with others your love of nature. If your interest is birds, butterflies, plants, dragonflies, beetles, frogs, snakes, mammals or any other nature related subjects this network, consisting of many qualified individuals, is there to help.

The app is straightforward. You take a photo of your subject with your phone and submit it to the community. An identification or possible identifications may be received within minutes of submitting your photo, depending on how common the subject is. It can take longer with more complicated identifications, but you will receive suggestions, or comments to help with the identification.

In the workshop we learn how to set up an account and work through the basics of using iNaturalist. This includes how to record your own observations, get help with an identification, or how to access the recordings of others to learn about the biodiversity of an area.

After the workshop and a quick break, we will depart festival headquarters by bus at 8:45 am for Laffite’s Cove. This site has numerous species of trees, shrubs, grasses, birds, insects and a wetland that will provide a diversity of subjects for us to explore with this powerful tool.

During the field trip we will put into practice the techniques learned in class to access iNaturalist, including submitting photos and practice with using the app.


Date: April 16
Time: 7:30 am - 11:30 am
Cost: $55


Leader Name: Glenn Olsen


Skill Level All
Activity Level Easy
Transportation Bus from FeatherFest HQ