Raptor Shows

Raptors Revealed!

See Free Live Birds of Prey Shows at FeatherFest 2017

Migrating birds won’t be the only wildlife you’ll see during FeatherFest! Live birds of prey will soar right above you during the free raptor shows at the Galveston Community Center on Friday, April 7, at 4 p.m., and on Saturday and Sunday, April 8 and 9, at noon. Audience members of all ages will be enthralled as raptors demonstrate their hunting styles in exciting free-flight presentations. Everyone is sure to be all ears to hear about the birds’ natural history and their unique traits and abilities.

Red-tailed and Harris’s hawks, a Eurasian Eagle, Barn and Great Horned owls, Saker, Barbary and Lanner falcons, a Black Vulture and a Raven are among the raptors you’ll see.

In addition to watching the free Community Center performances, hundreds of youth attend special Raptors Revealed shows at school. All of these presentations are part of the Galveston Nature Tourism Council’s community education and outreach program.

You can help support GINTC’s youth education efforts by joining the festivities at Raptors Uncorked!, a wildly popular, one-of-a-kind evening of raptor encounters plus dinner and wine. This ticketed event is Saturday, April 8, from 6 – 8 p.m. More details soon!

Want to know more about Raptors Revealed? Get a bird’s eye view of the program presented at Galveston’s Oppe Elementary here. The “oohs and awes” of the audience speak volumes about the birds as well as the show!

The raptors shown at FeatherFest are trained and cared for by Kevin Gaines and the Sky Kings Falconry team, which are dedicated to education and wildlife preservation. Click here to learn more about Sky Kings Falconry.


For Further Information

Email: FeatherFest@gintc.org
FeatherFest Hotline: 832.459.5533
Nature Tourism Info: 409.789.8125
Mail: Galveston FeatherFest, P.O. Box 1468
Galveston, TX 77553-1468

FeatherFest is a project of the Galveston Island Nature Tourism Council which supports nature tourism and education, and promotes the value of area natural habitats.

Free Shows:

FeatherFest Headquarters
Island Community Center, 4700 Broadway

Friday, April 7, 4pm
Saturday, April 8, Noon
Sunday, April 9, Noon

Special Shows:

Saturday, April 8 – Raptors Uncorked!
6 – 8 pm

Top Gallant
Upstairs in the League Building
The Strand & 23rd Street

Ticketed Event to Support Youth Education
Dinner & Wine Included
Details Coming Soon!